PHOTOS: LSU Brings The Boot Back To Baton Rouge

After a loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide in last week’s game, the LSU Tigers were on a mission to prove themselves once again as they traveled to Fayetteville to take on Arkansas. The program had lost the rivalry matchup two years in a row, and Ed Orgeron’s team was looking to prevent a three-game losing streak and bring the Boot back to Baton Rouge.

They did just that, as the Tigers dismantled the Hogs by a final score of 38-10. In recent years, LSU had been struggling as a result of the “Alabama Hangover.” The team seemed to always play like one of the best in all of football, but after losing to the Crimson Tide, they’d pack it up and put minimal effort into the rest of the season.

Arkansas has always been one of LSU’s immediate opponents after the Alabama game, and that was no different this go around. But with new leadership and a massive culture shift, the Tigers proved that the Alabama Hangover is a thing of the past. They played one of their best games of the season, proving everyone wrong.

To make things even sweeter, the Boot is back in Baton Rouge. The team was able to storm the field and take the trophy, and today, it was on full display.

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