Allen Robinson turns his huge 2013 catch for Penn State into a huge tattoo

Allen Robinson makes a memorable catch for Penn State against Michigan in 2013.

Remember that huge catch that Allen Robinson made for Penn State in 2013’s game against Michigan? He went high to snag a pass with time running out in regulation, setting up a game-tying touchdown in a game eventually won by the Nittany Lions in four overtimes 43-40.

Take a look below:

Robinson — who had an impressive second NFL season in 2015 for the Jacksonville Jaguars, tying for the league lead in TD receptions with 14 and finishing sixth in receiving yards with 1,400 — wants to commemorate that catch. And not just by keeping that video on his cellphone or maybe a newspaper clipping — remember those? — in his wallet.

Robinson got a huge tattoo of the play down the right side of his torso.

Wow. First of all, kudos to the tattoo artist. Second of all, that’s quite an impressive six-pack on Robinson.

Third of all, we can’t help but wonder how that tattoo may look, say, 40 years from now, when the six-pack might give way to love handles.

H/T: College Spun