Penn State coach’s glasses net $9,000 for charity

Two Penn State graduates are paying $9,000 for a chance to see

through Hall of Fame football coach Joe Paterno’s trademark

thick-rimmed glasses.

The bid from Michelle and Kevin Coppola won an auction for a

pair of spectacles donated by the Nittany Lions coach, who’s famous

for wearing his glasses on the sidelines – along with his rolled-up

khakis and jet-black sneakers.

The farsighted Paterno had eye surgery last month to improve his

vision. The 83-year-old still needs glasses to read, though he

appears to be done wearing the Coke bottle-thick glasses.

A spokesman for Paterno says the timing of the surgery and the

auction was a coincidence.

The auction benefited Penn State Public Broadcasting. It started

online and wrapped up at a dinner Saturday.

Paterno leads major college football coaches with 394 career