Does Utah have the best chance to win the Pac-12 South?

Utah has a 10.1 mean wins projection, courtesy of Brian Fremeau.

Russell Isabella/Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah has become the darling of the Pac-12 South. But do the Utes have any chance of beating out UCLA, USC or either Arizona school to win the division?

According to Josh Furlong from, the Utes had a 6.4% chance of becoming divisional champs before the season began — using FEI metrics courtesy of Brian Fremeau. The Utes earned a projection of 7.2 wins. Now boasting a projection of 10.1 mean wins, the Utes have improved to a 44.1% chance of winning the division. 

Furlong also reports that Utah has better odds to win the division (based on these metrics) than UCLA (35.6%) and USC (16%) through four games.


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