The outstanding and odd moments of the LSU-Iowa Outback Bowl

Iowa's Outback Bowl game with LSU had its ups and downs.

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LSU’s 21-14 victory over Iowa in the Outback Bowl on Wednesday featured some amazing —€” and not so amazing —€” moments.

From wide receiver Odell Beckham’s one-handed catch on a slightly overthrown ball from LSU freshman QB Anthony Jennings to Iowa’s John Lowdermilk prematurely dropping the football prior to the crossing over the goal line for a TD, the Tigers and the Hawkeyes kept fans on their toes.

Here are some of the notable plays of the game from the top down. (h/t: for cutting a mean gif)

In the spirit of the first day of a new year, let’€™s start on a positive note. How about Beckham using every inch of his wingspan to pull in this pass for a 29-yard gain in the third quarter?

Iowa senior Jordan Cotton’s kickoff return

LSU went up 21-7 on RB Jeremy Hill’€™s second touchdown of the game, leaving the Hawkeyes with just over two minutes to make up 14 points. Cotton’s 96-yard return helped his team claw back into contention by setting up a TD two plays later. Although Iowa eventually fell short of the comeback, this run was sensational.

John Lowdermilk’s overeager end zone entrance

Step one: score the TD. Step two: celebrate.

The Hawkeyes DB Lowdermilk made a great play by intercepting LSU’s Jennings, but he exchanged his pick-six for a fumble at the one-yard line when he let go of the ball before crossing into the end zone.

Luckily for Lowdermilk, Iowa would score on the third down of the ensuing drive.

Not Zach’€™s brightest moment

Zach Mettenberger was forced to sit out the Outback Bowl after suffering an ACL injury in the last week of the regular season. Still, he made the short list: