Oregon Football: Rhabdomyolysis Is Serious, But Totally Treatable

Last week, three Oregon Football players overworked in an offseason workout and were sent to the hospital with symptoms of Rhabdomyolysis.

The worst case scenario if Rhabdomyolysis is not controlled and treated, is kidney failure. The top cause is typically from a crushing injury – like bone crushing in an auto accident. WebMD says it can also be caused by extreme muscle strain, especially in someone who is an untrained athlete; this can happen in elite athletes, too, and it can be more dangerous if there is more muscle mass to break down.

Full recovery can be expected with immediate treatment according to the site, which is a good sign for the three Oregon Football players that were hospitalized.

On Wednesday, the University of Oregon Announced that measures have been taken including changing the Workout Routine. The Oregon Football team also brought Jim Radcliffe back into the fold on an interim basis and put Coach Irele Oderinde on suspension for one month.

Coach Radcliffe knows these players and has been with Oregon going all the way back to Rich Brooks. Training methods are key when you reset and have had a period of time away from the gym, but that goes for anyone.

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