New Ducks T-Shirts: ‘We Want Bama’

Oregon still has five regular season games to play as well as a potential Pac-12 championship tilt with the South Division winner. Yet fans of the second-ranked Ducks can’t help but look ahead to a hypothetical berth in the BCS title game. How else can one explain the “We Want Bama” T-shirts currently being sold on Oregon’s campus right now?

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Reports The Daily Emerald:

Seniors Grant Otter and Harrison Tingler were inspired by chants yelled at New Max’s Tavern after the Oregon versus Tennessee game, as well as the group who made the “I Love My Ducks” T-shirt, to create their own product — T-shirts that read “We want Bama.”

“It’s looking like if we both win out we will play each other, so this whole concept will take off,” Otter said.

Originally, the pair was selling the shirts just from hearsay, but the demand has grown and they have now set up a booth in the EMU Amphitheater. A week ago they printed 200 shirts and they have already sold most of them. Each shirt goes for $10.

“Outside of Oregon, everybody else in the country thinks that Alabama is the best team in the country and we obviously disagree,” Tingler said.

“I was wearing the shirt on campus walking down 13th. I don’t know who it was but a big football player walking sees my shirt and goes, ‘Damn straight,’” Otter said.

The duo is hoping to bring national attention to their T-shirt design and stated that Bleacher Report has even shown interest in featuring them.

“People are saying we are going to jinx the team, but as long as we have the football players’ support on our side I think we are doing alright,” Otter said. “We just need the Ducks and Alabama to keep winning.”

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While Alabama-Oregon is the BCS title game many would like to see, it’d be a mighty shame if these jinxed Oregon into losing a game.

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