After a national call for changes, Ducks HC Mark Helfrich believes ‘100 percent in this coaching staff’

Mark Helfrich has complete faith in his coaching staff.
Kelvin Kuo/Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich knows that national pundits are calling for him to make changes to his coaching staff this offseason. However, the coach said on Tuesday that he believes “100 percent in this coaching staff.”

Last Saturday, ESPN's Lee Corso had some strong words about Helfrich that set off some alarm bells in Eugene.

“Coach Mark Helfrich is at a crossroads in his career,” Corso said during a “College GameDay” segment last Saturday morning “He's got to make some major decisions. … He's got to change his staff.”

Helfrich didn't respond directly to Corso's comments; however, he say:

“When you lose everything is blown out of proportion,” Helfrich said. “We're at a place where if you win you didn't do it the right way. There's always … that's out there. And it's fine. Lee Corso is very entertaining. I didn't see what he said, but he's an entertaining guy.”

(h/t The Oregonian)