What in the world is wrong with the Georgia Bulldogs’

football team?

These days, just name it.

First and foremost, they may be facing the worse year in

modern-day history – now winless with a record of 0-3 in conference

play this season.

Their latest setback came last Saturday in Starkville, Miss.

where they suffered a humiliating 24-12 loss at the hands of the

Mississippi State Bulldogs. It marked the first time since 1951

that a Georgia

football team has lost to a

Mississippi State team.

The Bulldogs are off to their worse start since 1993.

The Georgia team’s only touchdown of the game wasn’t even scored

until nearly the end of the game.

Those of us who have been longtime supporters of the Georgia

Bulldogs need some answers. And we need them now from those

overseeing the

football program.

And no, I’m not thinking like some of the rumblings I’ve heard

within the Bulldog Nation that maybe it’s time to look for a new

head coach.

I’m certainly not to that point.

I think Mark Richt is an exceptional


football coach. I feel he knows the

ends and outs of the game as well as anyone coaching the game today


college circles.

I don’t think he should be replaced.

I do think he needs to assess his

football team and find out what is

going on with them, because something is definitely wrong.

It’s his job, as well as that of his coaching staff to find out

exactly what the problems are and fix them.

Things like that simply come with the territory of being


Coach Richt also needs to tell each of his players that he will

not tolerate the kinds of things that have been going on off the

field either.

There has been way too much of that kind of stuff this year.

Demetre Baker is the latest casualty – not that I feel one ounce

of sympathy for him.

He deserved exactly what coach Richt did to him in booting him

off the team this past weekend.

The 19-year-old freshman linebacker, who was dismissed from the

football team following his arrest

over the weekend by Athens-Clarke County police on charges of

driving under the influence, improper driving and underage

possession of alcohol.

Baker became the 10th Georgia player this year to be arrested on

various offenses.

The charges were so serious that it led to three other players

being kicked off the team, too.

That kind of mess is a big embarrassment to the school and our

football program.

It can’t be tolerated and Mark deserves applause for the way

he’s handled such problems.

Let it be said once and for all that

football players caught doing

things that put the

football team or the

University of Georgia in bad light

need to be dealt with severely and quickly.

Bad players don’t deserve to wear the Georgia uniform.