Ole Miss imposes one year postseason ban

Baylor isn’t the only school suffering massive NCAA violations. Hugh Freeze”s club is facing some serious charges.

The University of Mississippi announced yesterday that the NCAA has completed its investigation into the Ole Miss football program and concluded that the school committed 21 violations. As a result, the school has agreed to a one-year ban on postseason activities, including any bowl games. This also means that the school will not get its share of any postseason revenue, which could bring in an estimated $8 million.

The biggest charge for which the school has been charged is “a lack of institutional control”. The university has stated that it will fight this charge. Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork has agreed to three of the charges but claims that the university will contest the lack of institutional control charges.

The recent charges are new-originally the university was accused of only thirteen violations. However, after former Ole Miss offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil admitted to taking money from his coaches, the NCAA reopened the investigation. The school released the following statement in a video. It’s pretty long, but for Ole Miss fans it is a comprehensive account from the school.

The new charges included paying cash to a recruit; allowing a student-athlete hunting on private land owned by a booster; recruits receiving merchandise from a store owned by a booster; and providing free food and drinks to a recruit at a restaurant owned by a booster. This is not the list in its entirety but the school is only admitting to three of the violations. The university states that it plans to contest the remainder of the charges.

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