Oklahoma State can learn something from ‘The Big House Blunder’

It was the play that shook the nation. Michigan was leading 23-21 with just a few seconds remaining, and all they needed to do was punt the ball away to secure a victory.

If only that was how it turned out.

As you've probably heard by know, Michigan bobbled the snap and Michigan Stare recovered the fumble for a game-winning touchdown.

So can other programs, like Oklahoma State, use that incident as a teaching moment? Absolutely. 

“As a coach, you would want to tell your punter that went out in that situation, ‘If something does happen, just fall on the ball,’” Gundy said. “You don’t think about that at that time, but if you just fall on the ball then it’s either a 57-yard field goal or a Hail Mary pass.”

The Cowboys have benefitted from a crucial special teams blunder already this season, as they won the Texas game in such fashion.

(h/t The Daily Oklahoman)