Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield arrested for public intoxication

Oklahoma Sooners QB Baker Mayfield was arrested on Saturday. The 2016 Heisman Trophy finalist is not having a great offseason.

Baker Mayfield, the Oklahoma Sooners’ talented starting quarterback, was arrested Saturday after an incident in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Early Saturday morning, according to the police report, Mayfield was picked up and arrested on several counts, including assault and battery, public intoxication, and fleeing the scene. The latter count is a felony.

Jake Trotter of ESPN has somehow managed to get a preliminary copy of the police report:

 “I was flagged down to take an assault and battery report. The party who flagged me down was yelling at a man, later identified as Baker Mayfield…While talking to the other party involved, Mayfield was yelling profanities and was causing a scene. Mayfield was intoxicated. When he first came over to me, he had difficulty walking down a couple stairs. The front of Mayfield’s clothing was covered in food. I told Mayfield to come over to me. When I gave that command, Mayfield began to walk away from me. I repeatedly told him to stop. Mayfield then began to sprint away. I chased after him. Mayfield was tackled to the ground.”

The report goes on to describe Mayfield’s subsequent arrest and detention. The University of Oklahoma released a somewhat hurried statement later, according to Jake Trotter.

It is unknown what actions, if any, Oklahoma will take against Mayfield. It is doubtful whether they will remove him from play altogether, however. Mayfield, a Heisman finalist, was one of the program’s stars last season, throwing for nearly 4,000 yards with eight interceptions and 46 touchdowns.

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