Republican candidate John Kasich scores endorsement from Urban Meyer

If you are going to get a coach's endorsement in Ohio, Urban Meyer is the guy you want.

Mark J. Rebilas/Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s questionable just how much weight political endorsements from sports people carry these days. But if you’re going to get one football coach leading up to a state primary election, Ohio Republican presidential candidate John Kasich got the one to get when he was endorsed by Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, a Buckeye State native.

I know some people can make a case for Nick Saban in Alabama or Jim Harbaugh in Michigan, but those guys work in states where they’re also very unpopular with a big chunk of the population because their schools’ arch-rivals — Auburn and Michigan State — are also in-state.

Ohio’s primary is Tuesday. The timing of the Meyer endorsement also seems shrewd for Kasich since it comes after the state of Michigan primary wrapped up earlier this week.

Earlier this week, Republican candidate Donald Trump got endorsed by retired baseball players Paul O’Neill and Johnny Damon.

Earlier this month, Trump had some thinking the Buckeyes coach might’ve endorsed him when the real estate tycoon said Meyer said "awful nice things" about him. 

"I don’t know if he endorses me or not, but he’s said awful nice things about me," Trump said during a rally at Port Columbus International Airport.

Meyer, though, according to, hadn’t made any public statement in support of Trump or any other presidential candidate till his endorsement of Kasich Thursday.