Watch Ohio State’s disastrous fake punt that led to a Michigan TD


In a game as big as Ohio State-Michigan, you just knew the result would likely come down to one or two plays. And we may have found one of those plays midway through the third quarter Saturday.

It happened following a Michigan fumble on the goal line, which most assumed was the break the Buckeyes' needed. But the Wolverines forced a fourth-and-nine shortly thereafter, which should have lead to an Ohio State punt.

Instead, the Buckeyes attempted an ill-fated fake punt that Michigan sniffed out and stopped short (Which can be seen in the video below)

Michigan got the ball back at the Ohio State 22-yard line and five plays later, went in for the score.

It led to a 17-7 Michigan lead.

We'll see if it ends up being the deciding moment, in a pivotal game.