Ohio State assistant football coach suggests Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe rips off his logo

Zach Smith is the wide receivers coach at Ohio State, and he created a logo for the team's receiver corps, dubbed Zone 6.

The logo for Zone 6 bears some resemblance to the logo on Lonzo Ball's new $495 signature shoe, produced by his father LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand and released Thursday

Smith is making sure everybody knows that he thinks the ZO2 logo is a rip-off of the Zone 6 logo, as he made clear in a storm of tweets and retweets Thursday night. 


Smith also updated his Twitter bio, which now includes “Designer of Lorenzo Ball's Logo.” 

In his most recent tweet, Smith said “Some of us have genuine, original work to do.”

Did Big Baller Brand steal Zone 6's logo? 



Decide for yourself. 

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