Ohio State’s former official school yell will help you forget your troubles

Ohio State cheerleaders celebrate another Buckeye touchdown against the California Golden Bears at Ohio Stadium. 

After another rough but winning weekend in Columbus, Ohio State fans might need something to smile about.

The OSU Archives Twitter feed is here to help.

Monday morning they shared a picture of a page from the OSU student handbook from the 1890s that not only filled new Buckeyes in on their school colors and school flower (Scarlet carnation, of course) but also the official school yell.

Yes, that’s right. The official Ohio State yell (at least of the 19th century).

Long before "Hang on Sloopy," the "Buckeye Battle Cry" and maybe even, "Let’s go Bucks," Ohio State students were instructed to cheer on their boys this way:

Hey, if nothing else, it rhymes, right?

As the official cheer might indicate, Ohio State football had not quite come of age in the 1890s — when beating Oberlin or Wittenberg consistently proved a challenge.