Ohio State to honor alum Will Smith with helmet decal

On Saturday, the football world was shaken when former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith was killed in a road rage incident. Details are still emerging about the case, with Cordell Hayes currently being held on second-degree murder charges in a New Orleans prison.

Smith, of course, was a huge part of the Saints’ Super Bowl champion team back in 2009, but what’s easy to forget is that long before he arrived in New Orleans he was an icon in Columbus, Ohio. There, he helped lead Ohio State to the 2002 BCS National Championship.

And with Ohio State playing their spring game on Saturday, Ohio State has decided to honor Smith’s passing. Athletic Director Gene Smith announced via Twitter on Tuesday morning that players will wear a helmet decal and that a moment of silence will be held as well.   

This is obviously a great move by Ohio State, to honor a player who was such an integral part of the Buckeyes’ community.