Myron Rolle: Cardale Jones should keep tweeting #BlackLivesMatter

Ohio State QB Cardale Jones

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty I/Getty Images

On Thursday morning, Cardale Jones had an interesting exchange with a Buckeyes fan that came in response to the Ohio State star’s tweet that had the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and then a few regarding the hashtag #AllLivesMatter.

Jones, who has over 200,000 followers, got one response back at him that said (the tweet has been deleted): "worry about getting us fans another championship….Stay out of this bull—-. #GoBucks"

"Good for him," Myron Rolle, the former Florida State defensive back-turned Rhodes Scholar, told FOX Sports Thursday. "I think it’s important for student-athletes like him who have such a huge platform to use it (if they feel strongly about something) by advocating things that matter. I think this is the time. Lots of civil rights leaders started in their 20s.

Rolle, who is on the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics and has traveled all over the world working for humanitarian causes, said he understands it can be a tricky balance for many college athletes. 

"I’d say don’t do anything that’s gonna jeopardize your eligibility or your family," Rolle said. "And I’m sure that there are some coaches who would probably try to say, ‘Calm it down a bit,’ because they are considering their fan bases in addition to a movement that’s important to him. But that’s what college is about.

"But I think it’s a travesty when you see student-athletes not using their social capital they’ve been given."

In Jones’ case, the ample Twitter following he has — plus the cache of being a guy who helped lead Ohio State to the national title — adds to it. "If you’re the third-team punter, your coach may have an issue with you being very outspoken," Rolle said. "It doesn’t give you as much wiggle room."

But not only does Jones have the clout to stand up and speak his mind, Rolle said he also has the ideal temperament, design and wiring to be a great leader that can extend far beyond just a football field.

"You gotta have some moxie to know that some people aren’t gonna take it the right way and I think he understands that," Rolle said. "But he’s shown he can take criticism and whether it’s combating defenders or people on Twitter, he can handle it. And strong leaders have that because they are a little brash and are very secure in who they are, and I applaud him."

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