Evolution of Brutus Buckeye, OSU mascot who turns 50

Brutus Buckeye has had a lot to celebrate this year.
Mandatory Credit: Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State is celebrating the 50th anniversary of mascot Brutus Buckeye this year. 

He looks pretty good for 50, right? 

Well yeah, especially if you compare the current incarnation of the mascot to one of the early versions the school shared on its Facebook page Monday. 

Throwback to the early days of Brutus Buckeye. This year, we're celebrating the mascot's 50th birthday! go.osu.edu/Brutus50

Posted by The Ohio State University on Monday, October 26, 2015

While Brutus has been a person with a large, plush head for many years now, he started as papier-mâché full-body costume designed by two students for a contest in 1965

That original version was soon replaced by a 22-pound fiberglass shell shown in the video. 

Fun fact about the fiberglass Brutus: His smile could be turned upside down (into a frown) when the Buckeyes were not playing well. 

Since then he has gone through a few different versions (see below) to reach the one well-known today. 

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