Now we have Pelini-inspired cat on a hat

The parody Twitter account that got the cat out of the bag.

Twitter/ Fake Bo Pelini@FauxPeli

It seems like a logical next step in the Bo Pelini/fake Twitter/real cat story. To recap: The Nebraska football coach displays a great sense of fun by showing up at the Cornhuskers’ spring game carrying a cat after @FauxPelini had put up a doctored photo of him posing with a cat.

Now, there apparently is Pelini/cat swag you can buy: a Nebraska baseball cap with a cat emblazoned on the side.

And since that would be a cat on a hat, here we go:

The coach did not rage.

In fact, he was sweet.

Not what we expected

When we saw that first tweet.


Putting Coach Bo with a cat?

A Twittered fake Pelini?


Wouldn’t he blow up?

We’d heard he’s a meanie.


Instead, Bo got in on the joke.

And the only fur that would fly

Was from the kitty he carried

And held way, way up high.


Entering the spring game, Coach made us

Smile, smile, smile, smile.

And you have to admit it

Bo Pelini’s got style.


So if, like us, you’ve discovered

The head Husker’s where it’s at.

You’ll want to join us and order

A Nebraska hat with a cat.


(With so many apologies to Dr. Seuss that we’ll never finish saying we’re sorry.)

Maybe Bo Pelini can show up on the sideline in headwear that illustrates what a cool cat he is.