Notre Dame Football: Sinclair Interviews Oklahoma OL Recruit – Owen Condon

3 star Owen Condon has picked up interest from the Notre Dame coaching staff.

Owen Condon is a 6’7, 300+ lb. stout tackle at the high school level. He has received ten scholarship offers and has the academic fortitude to go to nearly any school in the country.

As a result, Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator stopped by Bishop McGuiness High School in Oklahoma City to check in on him and speak with his coaches.

“About a month ago, he came by,” Owen explained, regarding Mike Elko stopping by his Oklahoma City High school.

Elko checked on Condon’s grades, spoke with his coach and made sure that he was truely the massive size he was rumored to be.

“I’m 6’7, 301 (lbs.) right now. My size isn’t right on most sites cause they haven’t updated it recently,” he told me, as most sites have him listed between the 270-280 range.

He cut to the chase and spoke to me about his thoughts on Notre Dame:

“I think really highly of Notre Dame. It’s a great program they have over there and the education it provides makes it a great spot to play at….I’m trying to reach out and set up a visit this spring. I’m gonna call coach Elko sometime this week and try to get that set up.”

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Like all Notre Dame recruits I speak to, I asked about academics. Here’s what he told me.

“I’m most likely looking at majoring in business. Academics are really important. My family always keep in mind life after football. You always have to keep in mind that football can only take you so far. You have to have a backup plan if it doesn’t work out.”

Condon then spoke to me about his position in high school and where he see’s himself in terms of position in the future.

“I play left tackle and my high school runs a spread but we run a power run game, so we kind of mix it up so I can fit in any scheme. I think I fit into playing tackle in college but if they need to move me to guard i feel like I could transition wherever I need to.”

The top-10 in Oklahoma prospect has been hearing from several other schools. He broke it down for me.

“I’m talking with Vandy a lot lately. They offered me last week. I talk with Arkansas quite a bit. Oklahoma State, they just hired their offensive line coach so I just started talking to him yesterday. SMU is always in touch with me as well as Iowa State and Kansas.”

“I went to TCU two weeks ago. I’m going to try to visit Vandy this spring. I’m also going to visit Texas and Notre Dame as well.”

That wrapped up our conversation. Condon has the length, toughness, intelligence and athleticism (plays basketball) to play at Notre Dame. It will be interesting to see where this recruitment goes.

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