Notre Dame, Navy putting twist on alternate uniforms

Notre Dame and Navy have a unique connection.

Hardly a week goes by that some team isn’t wearing an alternate uniform these days in college football. 

Notre Dame and Navy have both taken their turns at the practice, but they are planning something unique Saturday, when they renew their annual rivalry on the gridiron, which dates back to 1927.

The Fighting Irish and Midshipmen will wear matching Under Armour baselayers, gloves, cleats and socks for the game in South Bend.

According to a news release from Navy, the move is meant to "pay homage to the storied history and brotherhood between our two schools."

More from Navy:

The baselayer shirts sport the "Respect, Honor, Tradition" motto, too.

Navy also notes that coaches and other sideline personnel for both teams will wear matching gear during the game.

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