North Carolina coach apologizes for comment to female reporter

UNC football coach Larry Fedora apologized to a reporter at ACC Media Days after remarking she doesn’t realize how young men develop because she’s a female.

Brooke Pryor of the North State Journal posted a transcript of the Q&A session on Twitter, which showed Fedora’s reply to her question about how cornerback Des Lawrence had matured.

This coach’s answer included this statement: "For a woman, you don’t realize it, there’s a huge growing process for a young man from 17 to 21, 22 years old."

After Fedora finished his remarks, Pryor said: "To your point, women also mature from 17 to 22. I’d like to think I’m not still 17 here."

To which Fedora replied: "I’ve got three daughters but I haven’t gotten to that point."

Pryor called it "a horrible moment" but said Fedora apologized to her after the session, and team spokesman Kevin Best confirmed it to The Associated Press.