Nike unveils Pro Combat uniform designs

Buckeyes in red helmets? Hokies dressed in black? Retro Beavers? If some of the nation’s top teams look a little flashier this season, it’s no coincidence.

Nike unveiled its new Pro Combat uniform series Wednesday in New York City. Ten teams will be wearing their new duds in at least one game this season.

Those teams include: Ohio State, Alabama, Florida, Boise State, Miami, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, TCU, Virginia Tech and West Virginia. And yes, Ohio State will break out red helmets for the first time since the 1960s, the Hokies will be clad in black for the first time in over a century and the Beavers will be rocking throwback uniforms based on their 1967 design.

Each uniform includes some aspect of that school’s tradition. For instance, the Alabama uniform has a houndstooth check pattern incorporated into the uniform in tribute to legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.

"They’re more than uniforms, they’re expressions of pride," said Nike executive Kris Aman.

Nike says the uniforms are custom designed for each position and are 37 percent lighter than current designs.

The participating schools are all ranked in the preseason top 25. The teams plan to wear the uniforms for the following games and any other games they want: the Alabama (Nov. 13), Boise State (Sept. 6), Florida (Oct. 30), Miami (Nov. 20), Ohio State (Nov. 27), Oregon State (Dec. 4), Pittsburgh (Nov. 26), TCU (Sept. 4), Virginia Tech (Sept. 6) and West Virginia (Nov. 26).