NCAA: Arkansas State must forfeit wins

The NCAA has ruled thrown out Arkansas State victories in

football and basketball from the 2005-07 seasons for using

ineligible players.

The NCAA also said Friday that it has cut one football and one

basketball scholarship for two years.

The penalties stem from the school allowing 31 ineligible

athletes during the 2005-08 seasons because of a failure to meet

NCAA rules on progress-toward-degree requirements. The violations

were originally discovered during an internal audit, and ASU

reported them to the NCAA.

The school offered to forfeit six football wins from the 2006

season, four from 2005, 15 men’s basketball wins from the 2006-07

season, 12 basketball wins from 2005-06 and others from baseball

and women’s soccer.

The committee agreed with the self-imposed penalties for the

school, which will be on probation for two years.