Mark Emmert’s Twitter chat was as awful as you expected

NCAA president Mark Emmert is not the most popular person among college sports fans.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

NCAA president Mark Emmert is not the most liked guy in sports.

He’s routinely grilled for how the business of college sports operates — mainly, it’s unique ability for squeezing billions of dollars out of unpaid laborers.

So, it was a little bit of a surprise Friday when Emmert was exposed to the warmth of social media and encouraged to answer fan questions.

Emmert appeared on an ESPN radio show, and part of the deal was to do a Twitter chat.

To send the NCAA boss a question, fans were instructed to use the #AskEmmert hashtag. 

And, well, it did not go so well. Here’s just a sampling of the questions:

So, yeah. If you’d like to spend your entire day reading #AskEmmert questions, click here (warning: not everyone on Twitter uses clean language).