Hey, Mark Emmert said more crazy things about NCAA athletes

NCAA president Mark Emmert has taken a lot of heat for his recent media tour.

NCAA president Mark Emmert continued his forgettable media tour on Monday.

If you got an early start on your holiday weekend and missed it, last Friday Emmert did a Twitter chat as part of a radio appearance.

It went about as well as you expected, which was not very well at all.

Today, Emmert went on "The Dan Patrick Show," to discuss the NCAA, student athletes, paying those student athletes, why student athletes can’t capitalize on their own likeness and all other topics relating to student athletes that the general public seems to easily agree on, which is to say the general public disagrees with most everything the head of the NCAA says.

Want some examples?

Let’s start with this doozy, courtesy of one of Dan Patrick’s producers.

To be fair to Emmert, what he meant by that is, his scholarship and the free meals and the elite training and the health care and the "opportunity" to play sports would be enough compensation for him. Fair enough, if that’s Mark Emmert’s opinion.

Now to be fair to everyone who had to listen to that explanation, nobody could possibly believe college-aged Emmert (or anyone) would say, "No, really, I don’t want your money. Please keep it — I insist!"

What about Emmert’s opinion on college athletes capitalizing on their likeness, like Johnny Manziel perhaps receiving some percentage of the revenues from all of those No. 2 Texas A&M jerseys sold?


If you still need any idea how Emmert’s media tour is going, we’ll leave with this: