Murray State player married by coach after practice

(STATS) – The roar of Murray State players following practice Tuesday was as fulfilling as any postgame celebration.

It’s not every day the Racers get to cheer a teammate getting married at midfield.

Murray State defensive lineman Bishop Woods and his fiancee Caitlin Myers were married inside the Racers’ football stadium by offensive line coach Brian Hamilton, who’s an ordained minister.

Woods and Myers have been a couple since 2014 and four months ago Myers gave birth to their son, Benjamin. Woods, a 21-year-old senior from Atlanta, had been anxious to get married when he learned Tuesday morning that Hamilton could marry them. They were thrilled to have the wedding ceremony in front of friends.

Woods wore a football jersey and shorts while Myers was in a black dress, standing under an umbrella held by another member of the Murray State football staff.

“We kind of made it up on the fly,” Woods told ESPN. “Coach Ham is one of my favorite coaches. He’s been teaching me a lot of about fatherhood and other things.”

Hamilton said performing the ceremony was part of the “life of being a college football coach.”

The honeymoon will have to wait, but Woods has a trip this weekend – for Murray State’s game at Missouri State.