MSU’s chance vs. Bama: pull inside straight and steal a brick from the Crimson wall

MSU is a 29 point underdog against Alabama, so things will have to go exactly right for the Bulldogs to win.

Some may say there is no path to victory for MSU this week. Alabama is a machine. They have the media in their back-pocket and all the polling indicates a sound Bama win.

The Crimson Tide are looking to continue their dynasty of the past eight years. Ever since 2008 when they had an undefeated regular season, and then won a national championship in 2009. There have been challengers but they’ve fell by the wayside.

Mississippi State will now attempt to do the impossible: defeat the machine. They are a challenger who has sprung out of nowhere. They surprisingly beat Texas A&M last week, and now will step up to the plate for the biggest challenge: Alabama.

Despite what the media says, there is a path to victory for MSU. Pull an inside straight and steal a brick from the Crimson wall.

Inside Straight

The Bulldogs cannot turn the ball over. Not even once.

The Bulldogs cannot commit a penalty. Not even one.

The Bulldogs cannot miss a field goal. Not even one.

The Bulldogs cannot allow a special teams touchdown. Not even one.

Steal a brick from the Crimson wall

Alabama holds the advantage against Mississippi State in every match-up. OL vs. DL, DL vs. OL, secondary vs. WR, etc. It has been this way for a long time.

State must win one of these match-ups no one is expecting. Is there an area Nick Saban has neglected? Perhaps he has taken for granted a particular match-up that Dan Mullen has been focused on all week. This is the area that could be the difference and create an upset.

Hail State!

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