Racy photos put heat on UCF coach

The season hasn’t even started, and University of Central Florida football coach George O’Leary already is feeling the heat.

O’Leary is at the center of some controversy after The Orlando Sentinel reported that he authorized former Playboy model Shanna McLaughlin, a UCF grad, to do a sexy photo and video shoot in the football locker room.

There was no nudity involved, but the sexy pics for aXis magazine did feature a team helmet and the school’s logo featured prominently. The video already has hit the Internet.

"UCF does not condone the photos and the video. We have spoken to the employee in question and we will speak to our entire staff to make sure that this does not happen again," UCF associate director of athletics Joe Hornstein said in a statement. "To any fans who were offended by this, we sincerely apologize.”

O’Leary says he didn’t know the nature of the shoot, but since the magazine is circulated on campus and has published team football previews, he was inclined to OK it.

“I don’t think there’s anything outlandish on the thing (magazine cover)," he said. "I never saw the video.”