Montclair State students furious over paying for $210K statue

MONTCLAIR, N.J. — New Jersey’s second-largest public university is spending $210,000 for a 12-foot bronze statue depicting the school’s red-tailed hawk mascot.

But some Montclair State University students, who pay $11,000 in annual tuition and fees, are not feeling the school spirit.

University spokeswoman Suzanne Bronski tells The Record newspaper about half the cost will be paid by mandatory student fees from the Student Government Association and the rest from university funds. About $4,000 in private donations have been raised.

"You know what could really help school spirit? If tuition weren’t so high, if there were parking spots for everyone, if everyone actually knew who their academic adviser was, and if the administration actually listened to students like they say they will," student Jo Landau said, per The Record report.

Bronski says the statue will help generate enthusiasm for the school’s Division III athletic program and reinforce a sense of community.

The statue is expected to be installed in the fall.