Missouri St.-Kansas St. Preview

Kansas State needs not look far for a cautionary tale about

overlooking an opponent.

Last season’s opener would do just fine.

Eastern Kentucky sauntered into town and felt right at home.

Didn’t matter that the Colonels weren’t Oklahoma or Oklahoma State,

or even Baylor. By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, they

were leading the big boys from the Big 12 on their own turf.

It wasn’t until Collin Klein heaved a 33-yard touchdown pass to

Chris Harper with 1:39 left that a sellout crowd stopped chomping

on fingernails and let slip a nervous smile.

The harrowing escape, a 10-7 victory, was the first of eight

wins by seven points or fewer that propelled the Wildcats to a

10-win season. They lost to Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl, but who

would have thought they’d end up there given the way things


”There’s been way too much dialogue provided by me for what

occurred last year, and how it shouldn’t impact – or how we should

not duplicate – what we did last year in the first ball game,”

said Kansas State coach Bill Snyder, who is entering his 21st

season on the sideline.

He’ll know whether the message got through in Saturday night’s

opener against Missouri State.

The No. 22 Wildcats are expected to spend the night tuning up

for a visit from the Hurricanes next weekend, but that doesn’t mean

they’re overlooking another Football Championship Subdivision

program, even one that won just two games a year ago.

”One of the things that we’ve been talking about this season is

starting fast. We haven’t even really focused on Eastern

Kentucky,” Harper said. ”It’s not really our focus because

Missouri State is a totally different team. That’s what we’ve been

focusing on.”

The Wildcats have generally played well in openers, winning 19

straight under Snyder since a loss to Arizona State in 1989. They

haven’t all been patsies, either: UCLA, California, Southern Cal

and Iowa are among the teams Kansas State has sent to early


They haven’t lost a regular-season non-conference game the past

two seasons, and are 62-7 since 1990 under Snyder, who is in his

fourth year back from a brief retirement.

Those marks hardly stand out to Snyder, though, even though he’s

a man of numbers.

He can rattle off the completion percentage of the opposing

quarterback like he’s recalling his wife’s birthday, and breaks

down a team’s tendencies to such detail that he knows how likely an

opponent is to pass or run given any down-and-distance


No, the numbers that Snyder’s been harping to his team this week

are 149-5 – the record of his teams when leading at halftime. It’s

a fact that dovetails nicely with the Wildcats’ stated goal of

starting fast, or at least, faster than they did against Eastern


”We’ve attempted to put some emphasis on what we do in

practice, and how we address our players, and our interaction with

players, about getting off to better starts,” Snyder said. ”One

of the things I brought to their attention is that over whatever

period of time we’ve been here, a very commanding fact is that our

record when ahead at halftime is 149-5.

”Now, I worry about the five,” he said, ”but by the same

token it does send a message.”

The biggest reason Snyder wants the Wildcats to put away

Missouri State early is to get his backups experience. That chance

was wasted against Eastern Kentucky, when the No. 2s spent the

night next to Snyder on the sideline.

Snyder said the ramifications were felt all year, particularly

when the usual bumps and bruises from a season in the Big 12 began

to set in. There were fewer first-year players who had seen the

field, and who could be called upon in an important late-season


The most important of those positions was undoubtedly at


Klein returns from one of the best statistical seasons in school

history – he ran for 27 TDs, passed for 13 more and had more than

3,000 yards of total offense. But he also had more than 300 carries

in Kansas State’s option-oriented offense, and the toll eventually

set in. Klein spent more time with the trainers than on the

practice field late last season.

Daniel Sams, who redshirted last season, and Sam Johnson, a

sophomore who was on the scout squad, will be first off the bench –

assuming things go as planned. That didn’t happen a year ago, and

Kansas State has every intention of putting Missouri State away