Michigan’s Drake Johnson was run over by forklift; new details of scary accident revealed

Drake Johnson

G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

The same week Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh told youth campers that "football’s never been safer", it was revealed that one of his players was run over by a forklift — in a freak accident that luckily wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.

The accident actually occurred at Michigan’s indoor track facility last month, where running back Drake Johnson, who also runs track, was stretching. According to a report obtained by the Detroit Free Press, the driver of the forklift "felt a bump" and then realized he’d run over Johnson.

Johnson was hospitalized but Harbaugh said his injuries were not expected to keep him out more than a couple of weeks. "It’s a miracle right up there with Easter," Harbaugh said at the time, without providing details of the accident.

"It would have killed a lesser man," Harbaugh added on a Big Ten conference call the day after the accident. "He is blue, twisted steel, very flexible and amazing. It’s one of those miraculous things, but he’s done well as can be expected.”

Johnson, who has yet to speak publicly on the accident, has had more than his share of bad luck at Michigan — he’s also suffered two torn ACLs. However, he is expected to compete for playing time in the fall. A fifth-year senior, he rushed for 271 yards and scored six touchdowns last season.