Jim Harbaugh told his kids to approach Halloween in a very Harbaugh way

Jim Harbaugh does not want his kids to waste a chance to double up on candy.
Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

Would a week off in the middle of October yield a chance for Jim Harbaugh to provide a newsworthy quote about Halloween? 

You better believe it. 

The Michigan head coach told Detroit TV station WXYZ about the advice he gave his kids in regards to getting the most out of trick or treating, and it is positively peak Harbaugh, who has frequently spoken about getting the most out of every experience. 

“I’ve tried to advise them to get two costumes, to be go-getters," he said. "You can hit the neighborhood in one costume and then jog and to run from house to house, then you can get more candy than anybody else. Then you come home and make a quick change into a second costume and go hit those same houses again.”

Bold strategy. 

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