This detail about Jim Harbaugh’s childhood probably won’t surprise you

Jim and John Harbaugh enjoyed their days as youngsters in Ann Arbor.
Rob Carr / Getty Images

Michigan football fans have a lot of reasons to love the fact Jim Harbaugh is their head coach. 

The fact he is a proven winner is probably No. 1, but his status as a lifelong fan of the Wolverines has to rank up there pretty high, too. 

So it came as little surprise when he gushed on Monday night on his weekly radio show about cherished childhood memories in Ann Arbor listening to Michigan football games on the radio with the legendary Bob Ufer doing play-by-play. 

Go ahead and try not to think about Jim and John Harbaugh rolling around on the floor listening to the ready for the rest of your day. 

We dare you. 

(H/T Detroit Free Press)

“The memories would be so thick you have to brush them away in front of your face. We would gather in the house, brother John, (their sister) Joani, mom when there was an away game, you'd gather around the radio, roll around, listen to it, and jump around on the furniture.”

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