Report: MSU player warned Michigan snapper not to ‘mess this snap up’

Apparently there was some trash talk right before college football's play of the year so far.

Rick Osentoski/Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you’ve probably seen Michigan’s botched punt against Michigan State last Saturday, which ultimately cost the Wolverines a certain win last weekend.

But on Saturday, Spartans junior cornerback Jermaine Edmondson, via ESPN, told us what happened right before the play.

According to Edmondson, one of his teammates trash-talked Michigan’s long-snapper just before the snap, telling him, "If you mess this snap up, everybody’s gonna hate you."

See the quote in the video below, around the 1:30 mark: 

It was Michigan’s punter, Blake O’Neill, who received most of the backlash.