Michigan State Football: OT Thiyo Lukusa leaving the program?

According to Thiyo Lukusa’s Instagram, it looks like the freshman offensive tackle might be leaving the Michigan State football program.

Michigan State football might be losing another important piece to the puzzle as it looks like former four-star offensive tackle Thiyo Lukusa might be leaving the program.

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While nothing has been released for certain just yet, he posted an interesting picture on his profile and there had been rumors of his departure for some time. He’s likely not looking to play football elsewhere, but rather just give up the game.

I would lie and say it was fun but it’d be a lie. Miss Matty and the boys though.

A photo posted by Thiyo Lukusa (@tshiyombu_aubrey) on Feb 7, 2017 at 8:44am PST

As you can see, he said “I would lie and say it was fun but it’d be a lie. Miss Matty (Allen) and the boys though.” What this means is that he didn’t have a passion for the game and has left the program to pursue other academic endeavors.

Losing Lukusa would be a big blow for the Spartans who are looking to piece together the offensive line. Michigan State burned his redshirt in 2016 and he appeared on the offensive line in the final stretch of games. He played well and people believed he’d be a big piece in 2017.

The Spartans will look toward a new crop of true freshmen as well as those who redshirted last season for potential 2017 starters. Brian Allen, Tyler Higby and Cole Chewins are the core of the group right now.

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