Michigan St. C Jack Allen has a cat from Craigslist

Michigan State center Jack Allen has become attached to his pet.
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

By Chelena Goldman

Pretty much anything can be bought on Craigslist these days. In some cases, those "things" are living, breathing animals.

So starts the tale of Michigan State center Jack Allen and Bubbles — the furry companion his roommate bought off Craigslist over the summer. 

According to Nicole Auerbach of USA Today Sports, Allen got a call from teammate and roomie Paul Lang about the cat. But Lang didn’t move into their apartment for a few weeks, giving Allen and the feline some time to get acquainted, the story goes:

So Allen returned to their apartment alone. The place was filled with boxes; people had been using the space for storage during the summer. 

Then, a person from Craigslist came by and dropped off a cat. 

"It’s me and this cat in the apartment for three weeks, and boxes of stuff," Allen said. "I did lose the cat for like five hours the first day. I called Paul and was like, ‘This thing is gone. I’m sorry. Look for another one — on Craigslist. He’s gone.’"

Not only was Bubbles — named after the "Trailer Park Boys" character — not lost, but he and Allen have become quite attached. Allen tells Auerbach that his cat is "like a dog. When you walk in and whistle, he just comes running."

Unfortunately, though, Bubbles will reportedly not be making the trip with the Spartans to this year’s Cotton Bowl.

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