Michigan has the perfect re-decoration for Iowa’s pink locker rooms


It's one of the great quirks in all of college football, but also one that shows you how loony the decision-makers in this sport truly are.

One example is Iowa's pink visitor's locker rooms.

Former Iowa coach Hayden Fry had the visitor's locker rooms painted pink to try and distract opposing teams. Through the years, those walls have remained the same — bright, not-very-easy-on-the-eyes hue.

Here is how the locker rooms normally look:

But under Jim Harbaugh, Michigan has made a habit of making mockery of the “norm” and you knew that if given the chance, Harbaugh and crew would do something crazy. After all, he couldn't let Iowa get an edge over his Wolverines.

That's exactly what happened on Saturday, when the Michigan equipment crew revealed that they had done a liiiiiiiiiiittle redecorating with a video they posted on Twitter. They left no inch of wall-space unaccounted for.

The Wolverines' move won't make Iowa very happy but let's see if Kirk Ferentz's club will do anything about it.

And we can't help but wonder if Michigan will flip the locker room back before they leave?