Michigan Football: Hard to Say Goodbye to Jabrill Peppers

Jabrill Peppers made it official Tuesday, he will be leaving Michigan football to enter the 2017 NFL draft.

Certainly, the news that Jabrill Peppers was foregoing his senior season at Michigan football to enter the NFL draft wasn’t a surprise. It was expected. But that doesn’t make saying goodbye to Peppers any easier.

Obviously, Michigan football fans were hoping and praying for his return. And with some of his comments, he suggested his decision wouldn’t be easy.

Yet, in the end, Peppers simply had to go. With his draft stock where it is, it would be a shock if he didn’t. And as much as he still had to achieve at Michigan, you can’t blame a sure first-round pick from leaving.

Here’s what the Heisman finalist posted on twitter Tuesday:

For the past two seasons, Peppers has wowed us. Whether it was as a corner, safety, linebacker, running back, kick returner or punt returner, with number five, it was always exciting.

Peppers made plays that routinely made you say wow, such as this spectacular punt return TD early in 2016 against Colorado.

That was one of six touchdowns for Peppers in his Michigan football career. He also finished with 119 career tackles, 18.5 TFL, three sacks, one interception and 11 passes defensed.

The three-way star also finished with 351 yards from scrimmage and 983 yards combined on kickoffs and punts.

In his three years at Michigan, Peppers found a home, even though he never truly found a position. The one thing we could always call him was a playmaker.

However, his impact went beyond that. While the Wolverines, under the direction of Jim Harbaugh, ascended back near the top of the college football mountain, Peppers became the face; the star of the team.

It’s been years since Michigan has had a player like Peppers. Before he did it, the Wolverines hadn’t had a Heisman finalist since 2003 (Chris Perry). They also haven’t had a defensive player picked in the top-10 of the NFL draft since 1997, when Charles Woodson went fourth.

Peppers didn’t beat Ohio State, although his only career interception came against them. He also didn’t help Michigan football win the Big Ten or the Rose Bowl. Heck, he didn’t even get a chance to play his final game in the Orange Bowl.

But still, there is no arguing about Peppers greatness. He’s a special, unique player that helped bring excitement back to Michigan football.

His final game was a heartbreaking loss to Ohio State. His final season ended in disappointment and he never delivered the championship he hoped he could.

Despite that, Peppers will go down as one of the most talented and electrifying players to ever wear the Maize and Blue, which is why saying goodbye to him and his incredible talents, is so hard.

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