Georgia Tech’s new schedule cards cause big controversy

NCAA president Mark Emmert took the stand in the Ed O’Bannon trial on Thursday and said a number of things that a number of people will disagree with.

One of those statements was this: "One has to make sure, in an amateur context, that it doesn’t go to a place where the student-athletes are in fact being used as nothing more than shills for a product."

We all probably agree that student-athletes shouldn’t be shills for corporate products, particularly when those shills get shafted on the revenue.

Of course, college football bowl games do this every year, with corporate sponsors blasting their logos everywhere, and Emmert’s response to that was, "The NCAA doesn’t control bowls."

Fine, fine, as weak as that is.

How about the NCAA’s propensity for banning all cups and water bottles at the Final Four that aren’t NCAA-issued cups, with ‘Powerade’ plastered down the side?

Or how about the new schedule cards that Georgia Tech was pumping on Twitter on Friday, with players standing next to corporate logos? Is this not shilling?