Easy A’s: Marcus Mariota’s course load reportedly consists of golf & yoga

Sounds like Marcus Mariota is set to coast through school this semester.

Scott Olmos/Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

How hard will Oregon Ducks starting quarterback Marcus Mariota be hitting the books in the fall semester?

Not very, it seems.

According to a tweet from ESPN’s Ted Miller, Mariota’s credited workload this fall will consist of the following:

1.      Golf

2.      Yoga

3.      No, no No. 3. That’s it: golf and yoga.

What kind of knowledge will the Heisman-hopeful glean this fall? Perhaps he’ll perfect downward dog. Or finally master hitting from the sand trap.

Seriously, if this guy doesn’t get straight A’s next semester . . .

But hey, it’s his prerogative; he already has his degree:

Ah, senioritis! It can get the best of us — maybe even graduated redshirt juniors.

(h/t: Bleacher Report)