Malcom Brown Latest Longhorn to Win Super Bowl

Malcom Brown became the latest Texas Longhorns Football player to win the Super Bowl.

Malcom Brown and the New England Patriots won Super Bowl 51 with a thrilling 34-28 overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons Sunday night in Houston. It was a homecoming for Brown returning to the state of Texas to play football.

Brown was credited with just one tackle in the game, but the Patriots defense did not see much of the field during the Super Bowl.

Atlanta only ran 46 plays in the game, compared to 93 for the Patriots. Also, New England’s offense held the ball for a whopping 40:31, including the only possession in overtime.

Atlanta Falcons Offense Shuts Down

On the opposite side of Malcom Brown was another Texas-ex, Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

Shanahan’s game plan helped give the Falcons and QB Matt Ryan a big lead in the first half.

However, the Falcons were rarely on the field in the second half. The Patriots played catch-up and Ryan fumbled the ball in Patriots territory to end a key drive.

After the Patriots battled back to force overtime, Coach Shanahan never got a chance to draw up a winning drive. The Pats won the overtime coin toss, marched the ball down the field, and scored a TD to win the Super Bowl. That was it.

Now, Kyle Shanahan will likely be announced as the next San Francisco 49ers head coach. But, he will have to move on from how this Super Bowl ended. It was a crushing loss for everyone in the Falcons organization.

But, Malcom Brown is leaving Houston as the latest big-time Longhorn to win the Super Bowl, following Earl Thomas at Super Bowl 48. Brown might be back in the Super Bowl next year, too, if Tom Brady continues to play at a high level at the age of 40.

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