Maine football team shows Colts right way to run trick play

The Maine Black Bears trolled the Colts over their botched fake punt formation.
Maine Football on Twitter

Maybe the Indianapolis Colts should have been pulling some University of Maine game film before Sunday night’s game with the New England Patriots.

The Colts, expected by many to be blown out by the Patriots, kept things close and, for the most part, played a pretty respectable game. That was, of course, until they absolutely made fools out of themselves with arguably the worst play in football history.

OK, so maybe that’s a stretch, but the Colts’ curious decision to run a gimmick play and the resulting failure that accompanied that decision took away any momentum they might have been building. It also made them the laughingstock of the football world.

Indy took its beating from fans and media alike for the boneheaded decision, but the best instance of trolling might have come from the Maine football team. The Black Bears chimed in with this gem.

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