Lucky Number 13: History Says LSU Will Play For The National Title

Although LSU will start out of the top 10 in this year’s first CFB Playoff Rankings, the likelihood of the Tigers finishing the season in the Final Four will not be unprecedented.

Can the Tigers finish the season in the Final Four?  Yes.  Despite what some of the naysayers may have to say about this year’s two loss Tigers’ Squad, they still have a decent chance of making it into the Final Four.

Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Case #1:  2003.  It will always be a special year for me; because after all, it was the season I worked there.  2003 is also the season we broke the “curse” of not winning a title in Baton Rouge.  That year we started the season ranked at #14, and were not even considered SEC Favorites; let alone National Championship Favorites.

Teams like Auburn, who were led by “Cadillac” Williams (RB) and Ronnie Brown (RB), or Georgia, led by David Greene (QB) and David Pollack (DE), got the nod to win the SEC.  Nationwide, teams like Oklahoma and Ohio State were favored to win it all.  By the time the first BCS Standings came out that year, LSU had only made it to the 12th spot.  We had a 6-1 record at the time.

Once the dust settled, and the final polls were out, the two teams left were Oklahoma and LSU.  And on January 4th, 2004 we won the Title Game 21-14!

Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Case #2:  2007. This season is really important; because just like the season we are currently in, LSU started off in the top 5.  As a matter of fact, LSU was the 2nd ranked team in the nation that preseason. In the first BCS Standings that year, LSU came out as the number four team with a 6-1 record.

Then a little over a week before the SEC Championship, we lost a 3OT Game to Arkansas, at home.  Back when only the top two teams played for the National Title, LSU was ranked 8th going into the SEC Title.  However, after beating Tennessee in the SEC Championship – along with tie breakers and common opponent schedules working themselves out – LSU found itself back in the title game.

After beating Ohio State 38-24, LSU would be named National Champions for the second time in 4 seasons.  The first of those championships coming from outside of the top 10, and the second coming with 2 loses on their record.

I don’t consider this number 13 to be a jinx; I consider it to be very lucky.  Once again we have been counted out based on our record and initial rankings.  And once again, under a new regime, we have to prove to the country what type of team that we are capable of being.  So can the Tigers finish the season in the Final Four?  If history has given us any indicator, the answer is: Yes!

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