LSU loading up on huge skill players in 2016 class

The Tigers are targeting tall, massive receivers.

There’s a noticeable trend within LSU’s current recruiting class. 

Of the 19 prospects committed in the 2016 group, more than a fourth (5) are listed as wide receivers or tight ends. The trend is furthered by the fact that the five committed players bring considerable length and size

Tight end prospect Jamal Pettigrew registers at 6’6", 229 pounds. Receivers Stephen Sullivan (6’5, 230), Drake Davis (6’4", 210), Da’Monte Coxie (6’3", 170), and Dee Anderson (6’4", 210) are all impressive from a height standpoint. 

It’s something that may not have been necessarily by design, but it’s a facet LSU can surely take advantage of down the line. Possessing such an advantage against defensive backs height-wise will open the door for LSU signal-callers to exploit potential mismatches on the perimeter. Based upon size alone, both Pettigrew and Sullivan could be monsters in red-zone opportunities. 

Dually, Coxie, Anderson, and Davis not only have the speed to impact the field vertically — but their height should help in jump-ball situations. 

Despite the issues and inconsistency at quarterback in recent years, this crop of physically-impressive receivers could ultimately be a galvanizing force in helping LSU’s passing attack. 

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