WATCH: Miles says ‘there’s a social responsibility’ in regards to Missouri situation

The LSU head coach offers his thoughts on the current Missouri situation.
Derick E. Hingle

There’s considerable crossover all throughout the collegiate athletics world. Athletes of all sports form a network rooted in dedication and kinship. It’s something that even trickles down to the coaches of these said athletes as well. 

When asked about the current situation at Missouri, LSU head coach Les Miles offered his thoughts on the subject. While not speaking specifically to the happenings in Columbia, he spoke about his own experience on the topic of social justice.

"I think there’s a social responsibility that if something is happening awry, that you in this country, you stand your ground," said Miles. 

The head coach also spoke about his own college experience at Michigan in the 1970’s. The Wolverines were faced with a similar team-wide conundrum, which instead focused on the Vietnam War. Miles regaled on how his team approached the situation, and also gave a final sentiment on protesting in general in the United States.

"Our country was built upon the ability to protest," said Miles. "And to do so in a right and straightforward manner to make their expressions known and their feelings known."