PHOTOS: LSU fans have gator on their tailgating menus

LSU fans will be channeling their inner 'Bobby Boucher.'

Crystal LoGiudice/Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

The usual tailgate for any college football game will include chips, all kinds of barbecued meat, side dishes, dessert options, and copious amounts of alcohol. 

With Les Miles’ team squaring off against Florida on Saturday night, why not add some Gator to the menu?

Multiple LSU fans have taken to social media to showcase their unique tailgating spreads, which include roasting whole alligators on the grill.

Even LSU’s mascot, Mike the Tiger VI, has gotten into the mix, chowing down on a steak tartare meal in the shape of Florida’s logo. 

Gator tartare. How do you like your gator? #lsu #lsufootball

A photo posted by Mike VI, LSU's Live Mascot (@miketigervi) on

One has to wonder, will "Waterboy’s" Bobby Boucher and Vicki Vallencourt be present in Baton Rouge this afternoon? Boucher certainly isn’t a fan of ornery alligators (or their medulla oblongatas).