WR Dupre helped to rescue stranded motorists amidst Baton Rouge flooding

LSU's second-leading receiver displayed immense empathy with humanitarian efforts
Derick E.Hingle/Derick E.Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Mother Nature doesn’t take a back-seat to anyone. While beautiful and awe-inspiring at times, she can also be downright cruel. 

The city of Baton Rouge was under siege this weekend by torrential rain storms. As a result, considerable flooding plagued the area throughout Saturday and Sunday into the start of the week. Roads in and around the campus were compromised with considerable water levels. Many cars were submerged underwater as a result. 

LSU’s second-leading receiver Malachi Dupre was present during the flooding. Along with a few friends, Dupre helped stranded motorists get to safety. According to the pass-catcher, "Everyone needs to pay more attention to barricades and signs." Cars driven by pedestrians were caught in the flooding, and thus had to evacuate their respective vehicles.

Credit the LSU receiver for helping out his community in the face of adversity. 

(h/t The Advocate)