‘The Boogeyman’ is afraid of LSU’s Leonard Fournette

Fournette strikes fear into 'The Boogeyman' and defensive backs alike

We’ve all heard of the (mythical) entity known as "The Boogeyman." The monster terrorizes the dreams of innocent children, often hiding under their beds and making its presence known during the night. 

We also know opposing defensive backs don’t enjoy coming up and trying to make a tackle on Leonard Fournette (ask Auburn player Blake Countess).

Courtesy of Mike the Tiger (and Fournette’s Twitter page), we’ve come to find out that the monster residing under-the-bed of many is in fact afraid of Fournette. 

Which individual is the bigger monster: ‘The Boogeyman’ or Fournette on the field? If you ask any defensive player who’s faced the New Orleans native this year, one would bet on Fournette being the clear choice.